Fimas Tensioning Systems & Vacuum Finishing Boards

With FIMAS TENSIONING units such as Model 389 - Model 375 -Model 376, 15% - 20% of the garments need no additional finishing or touch-up. For other garments, FIMAS TENSIONING does 90% of the finishing therefore, the finisher needs only to do the final 10% or touch-up on our FIMAS Model 102 Up-Air Finishing Board.

FIMAS Up-Air finishing boards also have a strong built-in vacuum giving pants a sharp crease. While the up-air is perfect for finishing garments such as silk leaving NO seam impressions.


Clean Concepts is an industry leader in European finishing and FIMAS TENSIONING equipment for the dry cleaning and laundry industry. FIMAS TENSIONING equipment is the most revolutionary improvement to garment finishing in over 50 years.

No matter how big or small the dry cleaning plant, we provide a complete re-tooling package. Including drawings of equipment layout for the most efficient workflow.

We also build complete turnkey dry cleaning plants for existing dry cleaners or new investors. And, we provide professional hands on training of the FIMAS TENSIONING and finishing process.

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Clean Concepts Clean Concepts Technology, INC of Dallas Texas has ceased operations and is no longer in business. Astro Distributing of Phoenix Arizona has acquired the Fimas line from Italy and is now distributing Fimas equipment and parts.